Current Project

List of projects currently running in the company

System Development

College Management System

This is a College Management System where the students of college of IIUM can use this website to get access to their profile.
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Portable Dual Detector (PoDD)

PoDD, is a research project from IIUM and commercialized by IAT. Previously it was known as Lard and Alcohol Detector Portable Electronic Nose (LADPEN). It is a handheld device mainly used to detect both questionable elements in food and beverages which are lard and alcohol.
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i-Intern is an internship management system that is developed for office of industrial link (OIL), IIUM. It aims to centralize the internship process throughout IIUM and strengthen the connection between IIUM and outsides industries.
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i-Ilm is an integrated internationalized and industrial linkages management system. It is developed for office of deputy rector (IICR). It aims to automate the business processes in offices under IICR and centralized its data. The centralized data then can be visualize in the form of graph which makes it easier for the upper management to make business decision.
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Mobile Applications


KrowdCap is a Malaysian crowdfunding platform for researchers, scientist, and innovators to campaign their projects and research for funds from the global community.
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GIAD Mail is a centralized Mobile Applications for internal used of GIAD members.
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GIAD Enterprise

GIAD Enterprise is an online market where all the products sold by GIAD company is displayed. This will allow the buyer to make transactions within the mobile applications with GIAD.
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Gighub is a platform to post and and find part time job and create link with each other by gaining income. The more the link the higher the income that can be gain together.
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